VR Senior Pack

You may be wondering: "What is virtual reality good for in retirement homes, what to use it for?"

Virtual reality for elderly people

① Dissociation of clients from a fixed environment, their mental states and problems. Especially for those clients who are fixed to a wheelchair or bed, this is often the only way to get rid of everyday stereotypes.

To activate clients. It uses a wide range of applications that allow you to expand the range of activation options, including immobile clients. Our great effort is also the development of activation applications.

 To socialize clients as a tool to easily wake local memory and related experiences and memories (when working with a group). This makes it possible to bring new topics into clients lives and discussions.

For the sexual assistance of clients, as a substitute for often inappropriate videos on clients' private facilities or sexual assistants where it is not too taboo.

We will show you how to use virtual reality effectively and train your staff not only in terms of its manipulation but also in terms of methodology. Our goal is for the VR to become part of the day-to-day work of your employees.

For simplicity and user-friendliness we have:

① chosen and tested VR applications suitable for seniors.
② prepared a way of easy financing.
③ created remote access to individual VR devices to provide you with service.
④ included wireless VR goggles that do not need to be connected to a computer for easy operation.
⑤ equipped the software with effective anti-virus protection.

This makes the VR Senior Pack an invaluable tool for activation and social workers. These reference videos are better than other words.