VR Hard Skills

VR is an ideal training environment for improving hard skills, ie skills that are needed for a particular profession in a particular company.

It can be used when the training of workers is carried out on real technologies, when training is necessary to interrupt the normal operation of production, change the established production process and it is necessary to adopt new procedures where there is a risk of damage during training on expensive equipment.

Virtual reality hard skills

The VR is often used for occupational safety. Every new worker must be legally trained in OSH training. Traditional methods of training are based on a lecture with projection of illustrative pictures or videos. Workers consider training to be a boring duty; unfortunately, a change in perception occurs only when there is a work accident in their immediate surroundings. Until then, he does not accept many risks.

VR training provides an authentic experience. The scenario is based on a real situation, experiencing the situation without respecting OSH rules and adhering to the rules. The real injury experience has a 100% learning effect and the OSH compliance rate automatically increases.

Benefits of VR training

saves costs associated with production interruptions
⦁ saves equipment wear costs
⦁ reduces the risk of damage to the unit / line
increases the efficiency of the learning process
increases the competence of workers
⦁ increases worker confidence in new demanding procedures
⦁ practical training reduces the risk of failure in practice
⦁ Increases team action
⦁ enables training in the native language of foreign workers
⦁ Maximizes return on investment

How it works

1. Define the training area

Your business defines training requirements. We recommend the most efficient scenario for the area. Our team includes people with manufacturing experience, managers, trainers and consultants with years of experience, 3D designers and developers, and we are all excited about VR technology and its capabilities.

2. Together we create content

Once we agree on what needs to be trained and what the goal is, we will begin to create content. Most often we create a new scenario and we consult with you the steps of the scenario so that it maximally corresponds to the learning plan. We can incorporate best practices from traditional training methods into the scenario and increase their effectiveness by connecting with virtual reality.

3. We maximize the value of training

It is important for you that the training has the greatest effect. The scenario in the VR allows training of staff at any location, once the scenario is ready, it is available for all departments or branches that may need it. Training can take place at any time, can be completed by an individual as well as a team. Training results are measurable. The scenario can be immediately adapted to the new conditions and needs of the company.

VR training - when work is fun