VR Edu Pack

The topic of virtual reality in education is becoming increasingly more important and all studies clearly show that this trend will intensify in the future. At the same time, new challenges are emerging in education - whether we are talking about the low ability of pupils / students to concentrate in teaching, their various learning disabilities or their lack of authority to teachers. We know from experience that it is very difficult to engage students and come up with new ideas for lessons.

With this experiences we, Virtual Lab, came up with an absolutely unique idea of making virtual reality tools available to individual areas of education. The goal of our VR Edu Pack is to facilitate and accelerate learning through intense experiences and to support the socialization of students through collaboration in virtual reality. As part of the use of virtual reality, students can visit places or events that are being discussed or experience the processes inside their own body or the macro / microworld.

From our experience in the field of virtual reality, we know that it is always best to experience and test the possibilities of the instrument with your own eyes. That is why we first agree with each educational institution to present the VR Edu Pack in their school, in the presence of teachers and possibly students. In your environment, you will find out what it is like to use the „School by Play" approach using modern methods.

Contents of the VR Edu Pack

① Analysis and consultation

For each virtual reality project, we emphasize the benefits for the client. We have long been operating in the virtual reality market. The products of our company consistently occupy the widest offer of virtual reality on the market. Therefore, we will think with you and discuss ways to easily and effectively start using VR Edu Pack in your institution. We will advise you what solution is right for you, how to integrate virtual reality into teaching. At the same time, thanks to our experience, we can help you avoid mistakes - so you can spend your energy where you are best: in education.

We add content to VR Edu Pack according to client's requirements - across disciplines. Do you feel that this area would need more attention? Based on your situation and possibilities, we can help you figure out which VR / AR solution is ideal for your institution. Our mission is to implement virtual reality to help people.

② Hardware

Equipment for pupils

Oculus Quest 128GB VR Glasses - an advanced VR device. Offers 360 motion tracking, more interaction, and better viewing. At the same time, with comprehensive controls, it also offers a wide range of interaction in VR. It is a relatively powerful device that can work with more demanding VR applications.

Equipment for teachers

Notebook - a powerful VR Ready notebook. High performance is a prerequisite for supporting VR glasses for teachers that provide high resolution and detail. You can also control and edit the entire VR environment using the station. It is up to the teacher to decide whether to control the software directly from the computer using a classic mouse and keyboard or to enter the VR environment with the pupils.
HP Reverb 4K VR Glasses - the latest VR glasses with one of the highest image resolutions on the market.

Optional hardware

Dedicated Dual-Band Router - All devices communicate via WiFi over a common router that supports Broadcasting. If you already have the technology, the router is unnecessary.
Apple iPad Air 2 - A tablet that serves 2 purposes. The first is to follow exactly what is happening in each pupil's VR glasses. The second is compatibility with the 3D scanner.
Structure Sensor 3D Scanner - An in-depth 3D scanner that allows you to scan any object, person or room and transfer it to a VR environment, or further edit it in suitable programs.

③ Software

NEOS Classroom - The whole idea of software is to provide the pupils with an experience in lessons for more fun, better and easier learning. It is an open platform allowing:

• displaying 3D objects
• manipulating 3D objects,
• their assembly and disassembly,
• moving through animations,
• the tutor of creation and automatic evaluation of tests,
• simple addition of 3D models according to user needs
• work with visual programming.

Models can be downloaded from the Internet, created using a 3D scanner, they can be created as part of programming lessons, or more complex objects can be programmed according to the specific needs of the school. This is software developed in the Czech Republic!

Part of the final product will be a database of models that will be developed in cooperation with the customer based on his needs, requirements and capabilities of the supplier. A database focusing on biology, chemistry, physics, mechanics and machine models is being developed.

The license for the software is unlimited, the price includes updates for 2 years. We can supply other suitable software according to your specific requirements.

Examples of 3D models:

3D model3D model3D model

④ Training

Part of the package is also the training of teachers. It is divided into 2 levels.

Classic Training - How to use both software and hardware. We'll show you how to easily add content or engage your students. You will find that after a few hours of using virtual reality, its tools will seem completely natural to you. And we will go through all your questions and ideas together.

Advanced training - It is a training course on all the capabilities of NEOS (VR multiverse) software, in which you can create almost anything.

⑤ Full service and support

We will install the VR Edu Pack, although control and wiring are intuitive, there are times that you want to consult. For this reason, VR Edu Pack also includes remote access, where we can connect to the device and help you set it up at your request.

We can deliver the overall solution within 40 days of signing an order.