VR Coaching

The involvement of virtual reality in the coaching process can be seen as groundbreaking from the perspective of the coached person, as it enables the previously untrained people (technically and pragmatically thinking people) to use the coaching methods to achieve a change in their work or personal life. For others, it is the accelerator and facilitator of the entire change process.

Virtual reality coaching

① Systemic coaching

We transferred a part of the coaching interview from systemic coaching to virtual reality. It is its fundamental and transformative part, when the coachee defines the target state that he wants to achieve and in his imagination is transferred to this state and experiences it.

Here virtual reality can help people for whom working with experience and imagination is not natural. The coached person gets into an environment that simulates the target state and instead of imagining he completes the whole situation in virtual reality either by painting, writing, inserting pictures or objects. As a result, the body automatically reacts to the new situation and experiences the whole situation just as if it were actually happening.


The second way we use virtual reality is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques that take place in whole or in part in virtual reality. Most often it is working with abstract fears (fear of failure, helplessness ...), decision making or solving situations with another person. In this case, virtual reality is used to "materialize" the topic (by writing, placing images or objects in space), grasping it (the possibility of manipulating the topic - enlarging, shrinking ...), or experiencing the interview as an observer.

As a result, the coachee does not have to imagine anything, but lets the situation affect his body, where he learns to recognize his reactions, which better than logic show him the most useful way for him.