Presentation skills

Presentation skills training

Are you afraid of public speaking, do you need to tune your presentation skills or do you have a presentation in a foreign language?


The principle is very simple and scientifically based. Over the past 15 years, a number of researches and studies have been conducted to examine the impact of virtual reality on the physical and psychological aspects of humans, and several studies have also focused on presenting in virtual reality. The results speak clearly, for the human brain there is almost no difference between VR and the real situation.

As the only ones in the Czech Republic we use the program Virtual Orator. It is a training of presentation skills in virtual reality, where you can set the location, number of listeners (1-128), audience composition, their attitude to the presenter and the level of distractions, external influences (ambulance, garbage, city noise, fan, sms...) and pre-designed questions that greatly personalize the experience.

The virtual environment program tracks various aspects of presentation, such as composition of presentation, voice (monotony, audience engagement, etc.), eye contact with the audience - and all this is transferred to the graphical outputs. At the same time, the whole speech is recorded on the camera (feedback on non-verbal speech). The outcome of the process is clear and concrete instructions to improve public performance, both for beginners and experienced professionals.

During the training, the participant gains real experience that he/she has already mastered the difficult situation. And on the basis of that, the brain will help him to manage such situations more easily and without fear.


⦁ The only ones in the Czech Republic
⦁ Immediate feedback and improvement
⦁ All world languages
⦁ Eye contact
⦁ Voice analysis
⦁ Presentation composition
⦁ Nonverbal expression
⦁ High technology od VR


"Personally, I was surprised, even if one knows that the presentation does not take place in real life and yet the body reacts just like in a real event. I also appreciate the professional approach of the lecturer. "- Mgr. Alexandra Černá (Robert Bosch, Ltd.)

"I'm glad it showed me results in numbers, monotony and focus. I am also glad for the evaluation of the presentation on the spot and for tips on how to improve it. "- Mgr. Ondrej Štefanič (Specialist, Labor Office of the Czech Republic)

"To train presentation skills in virtual reality, I would recommend to all those who do not have enough experience with presentation, feel uncertain about the presentation and want to work on themselves." - Mgr. Edita Holá (Labor Office of the Czech Republic)

"A practical and illustrative example of shortcomings that one does not normally focus on seems to me to be very beneficial. I was motivated by the opportunity to observe my own improvements while repeating the presentation." - Mgr. Markéta Štětková (Labor Office of the Czech Republic)

Who is it for?

Public speakers, both in their native and foreign languages (managers, businessmen, marketers, officials, politicians...), who are afraid of public performance, have no experience with public performance, or just need to perform as professionally as possible.

Practicing leading of a team meeting in virtual reality: