Virtual and augmented reality
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The human brain can be programmed

The human brain can be programmed similarly to a computer. The programming language of the mind is repetition and, above all, a strong experience. The right process of inducing experience will speed up the path of learning, acquiring new skills and mental patterns. Virtual reality is the only way to effectively induce a controlled experience, even for people who find it difficult to work in the real world. The effectiveness of "mind programming" by experience is up to 16 times faster than traditional learning methods.

VR / AR - improving the performace of people and companies

VR / AR applications speed up the adaptation process (operators, production foremen, medical staff, teachers, etc.), digital (virtual) twins of machines or products save handling costs, remove distance limits, increase OSH efficiency. Special applications solve specific problems: social isolation and activation of seniors (VR Senior Pack), distance education (VR EDU Pack), coaching of managers, communication training (negotiations, presentations, business) in front of a virtual audience, removing phobias and fears, long-distance corporate meetings, sales meetings, diplomats, teamwork (Let's Meet VR).
Modern technology - will make life easier and give a new dimension to your business.

Success, Clients and Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab is based on the concept of Holistic Management. We have combined know-how in the development and use of VR / AR with many years of experience in optimizing companies, and we are the first in the Czech Republic to bring a long line of our clients a practical use of virtual reality focused on their specific needs.

At Holistic Management, we have been guaranteeing an increase in the performance of companies, teams and individuals for 20 years. We achieve optimization by using a concept that focuses on corporate processes and the development of individuals, including corporate education, managerial skills, corporate culture and integrates the latest knowledge of science and modern technology.

The success of Virtual Lab s.r.o. comes from connecting young developers, experts and virtual reality enthusiasts with a team of professionals with long-term practical experience who can connect complex topics of business and working life with the latest technology of virtual and augmented reality.

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